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Crip's HUD Report 9-17-2010: The Westbourn Supremacy

Hello again HUD fans.  The videos are back this week, and just in time for a short but VERY sweet edition of the HUD Report.  We're almost exclusively Larimer County this week, and our Fort Collins inventory is starting to pile up.  Looking in the Choice City?  Yeah, I don't like that term either....

NEW HUDS FOR 9-17-2010
click for pics of the properties! 

3925 Asbury Dr, Fort Collins: $171,000. 2 bed, 1.5 bath, 1280 sq ft, 1981, 1 car attached, $100 Down with $330 repair escrow for exterior trim paint.  This attractive tri-level is located just north of Troutman Park and has what appears to be a fairly new roof, a remodeled kitchen and a large fenced backyard that backs to a big drainage field.  The main drawback is the size, and the lower level's spare room  unfortunately houses the furnace (meaning no bedroom, folks).  This forever shall be a 2 bedroom.  But at least it's a NICE 2 bedroom.

Pics start here:  Owner occupant bids due 9-26-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.

4087 Julesberg Dr, Loveland: $182,000. 3 bed, 2 bath, 1452 sq ft, 2003, 2 car attached, $100 down with $660 repair escrow for furnace repair and deck paint/stain.  Yet another tri-level, this one is located in the NW Loveland subdivision called BUCK, or Buckhorn Village, located off of far west 43rd.  This has great curb appeal, and the interior is in decent shape but of course suffers from the typical cosmetic transgressions of pink, teal, etc.  The back deck needs more than stain - it's been a chew toy for years - and I probably wouldn't have planted a plum tree right in the middle of the yard.  But the walk-out lower level leads to a large cement patio and an open portion of grass and would make an awesome family room.

Pics start here:  Owner occupant bids due 9-26-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.

2131 Gray's Peak Dr #203, Loveland: $119,000. 1 bed, 1 bath, 983 sq ft, 2005, 1 car somewhat attached, $100 down with $550 repair escrow.   Do you run a dispensary?  Do you like the idea of saying you live in High Plains Village? Or perhaps it's just you and your cat and your nice little Miata that you like to keep in the garage.  This is your place.  It's a bit of a 2-story, but alas there's nothing on the ground level other than the landing for the stairs.  You do have a small private fenced yard, and a door adjacent that leads to your garage, which I believe may be fairly unique in this subdivision near Centerra.  Upstairs you go and the unit is stunning.  There are wood floors in the kitchen/dining area, a fireplace and a patio, and although there are about six different colors in this 1 bed, 1 bath unit it's actually not too bad.  In other words - this place is basically move-in condition.  I spent quite a bit of time talking with the very nice downstairs neighbor and she requests that whoever buys this place also be very nice.  I said I would do my best, so help me out here people.

Pics start here: Owner occupant bids due 9-26-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.

6554 Westbourn Circle, Fort Collins: $219,000. 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1825 sq ft, 1995, 3 car attached, $100 down with NO repair escrow.  Ah yes.  This Brittany Knolls 2-story is impressive from the front yard, and even more impressive on paper: It's the cheapest active property (of 5) by $30k AND features a 3 car garage, and if it sells for $219k it will defeat the next cheapest 3-car property sold in the subdivision (in the last year) by $66,000.  This one is fully insured, so there are no repairs called for.  It would definitely benefit from carpet, but other than that it is in great condition.  Kitchen is intact.  Master suite is biggest I've seen under $250k, back deck is large, layout is nice, neighbors have their act together fully.  If there's a drawback it's merely the lack of a gigantic backyard, but the neighbors have all left their yards unfenced which gives the feeling of openness.  This one's a no-brainer if you're looking in Fort Collins in this price range.
Pics start here:  Owner occupant bids due 9-26-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.

Relist: 2506 W 26th St Rd, Greeley: $90,000. 4 bed, 2.75 bath, 1185 over full mostly finished bsmt, 1974, 2 car attached, $100 down with $3850 repair escrow for mold, furnace, shingles, paint and drywall.  This is a smelly, ugly ranch a few blocks north of 34, and the basement appears to have been set up (not very well) as a 2nd unit.  It will need a bunch of TLC.  I'm going to be nice to this one and just leave it at that.  Owner occupant bids are due 9-21-2010, investors thereafter if available! PICS START RIGHT HERE.


  110 Beacon Way 5G, Windsor: $103,500. 2 bed, 2 bath, 1131 sq ft, 2001, $100 Down, no repair escrow.  This Water Valley condo lacks appliances but is the cheapest in the area by almost $25k.  It also has a super-dope screened balcony, perfect for grilling.*  Pics start here: Owner occupant bids are due 9-21-2010, investors thereafter if available.  *Verify with HOA what types of grills, if any, are allowed on balcony....!

1602 38th St Rd, Evans: $68,000. 4 bed, 2 bath, 1506 sq ft, 1978, 1 car attached, $100 Down with $2530 repair escrow for carpet and wainscot. Last sold as a HUD house for $124,000 in 2005.  I vaguely remember it then, but I believe the exterior was trashed and the interior was OK.  The roles have now reversed.  Although flooring is the main need here, please don't think that's all the house will require.  There's a 5th room that appears to have been the dart room, the yard is large and fenced, there's a decent deck off the kitchen that needs some stain, and the flooring in the dart room and kitchen is a decent laminate.  If you don't mind some cosmetic fix-up I'd check this one out.  Scope the lousy video:

Pics start here: Owner occupant bids due 9-21-2010, investors thereafter if available.

2008 W Vine Dr, Fort Collins: $142,200. 3 bed, 2 bath, 1620 sq ft, MASSIVE OVERSIZED 3 car detached garage w/ shop, 1999, $100 Down with $1320 repair escrow for vinyl siding repair, kitchen sink plumbing, deck stain, and floor coverings in two bedrooms.  This manufactured home sits just east of the intersection of Vine and Taft, and really the selling point is the gargantuan garage.  The house is strange in that the master bedroom suite and living rooms are totally intact (and fairly clean) while the kitchen, bedrooms and entry way are beat up.  Check this one out if you are in the market for a big ol' garage/shop deal.  Will likely see a price reduction soon - make sure you are ready to go. Pics start right here:   Owner occupant bids due 9-21-2010, investors thereafter if available.

2214 Haymaker Lane, Fort Collins: $238,500. 2 bed (could easily be a 3), 2 bath, 1851 over unfinished basement, 2007, 2 car attached, $100 down with NO repair escrow.  This Sidehill ranch is seriously like new - scope the pictures for proof.  And it is SHARP.  The office is located to the right as you walk in, and it is plenty large enough to serve as a third bedroom.  Speaking of which, everything in this house is oversized, and even the second bedroom is probably as large as every master bedroom you've seen in this price range.  The only drawback is the lack of any real yard other than the small front area, but I believe that will be a selling point for whoever buys this place.  If you're wondering where Sidehill is, it's located just north of Ridgen Farm, NE of the intersection of Drake and Timberline.  Now reduced $26,500.  I would check this one out if you're at all curious.
Pics start here:   Owner occupant bids due 9-21-2010, investors thereafter if available.

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