Monday, July 26, 2010

HUD Report 7-23-2010: $83k in FTC Edition

Greetings folks.  Thanks to Google's rad new 'stats' tab, I've been able to see that this humble little blog has been hit over 1000 times in the last month.  So here's the deal: Everybody reading just needs to buy ONE house from me and I will devote 100% of my time thereafter making this blog the most entertaining, mind-blowing experience imaginable.  Until then, it's just going to be me, my camera, a few beers and a whole bunch of HUDs (and one vile REO that may or may not have multiple biohazards in it).  You've been warned!  Now please pick out the one you plan to buy from me as you read about....

The NEW HUDS FOR 7-23-2010!
click for pics of all the properties! 

900 Vanderbilt, Fort Collins: $137,000*. WITHDRAWN BUT WILL BE RELISTED. 4 bed, 2 bath, 1926 sq ft, 2 car attached,  1977.  This is without a doubt the nastiest house I've ever been in, EVAR.  And in case you haven't heard (or read, or seen), I've been in some pretty gross places.  This is hands down the smelliest, nastiest, filthiest and scariest house I've seen strictly from a THEY-LIVED-LIKE-THIS?-standpoint.  Sure it can be rehabbed, but bring your hazmat suit (and I say that half-jokingly).  There's a reason it's been withdrawn, and it doesn't necessarily concern the bags of garbage left behind or the buckets of mystery liquid.  Let's call this one a blog exclusive because it may be a while until it is listed again.  Then again, it may be back up tomorrow.  Let me know if you're interested and you'll be the first to know status.  This area of Fort Collins supports $180s-190k's. Pics start right here:
Turned my stomach, looking at those again.  *shudder!*

4545 Wheaton Dr #H160, Fort Collins: $83,000. 1 bed, 1 bath, 696 sq ft, 1998, $100 Down with $550 repair escrow.  This may be one of the best locations in Rockbridge: The front door overlooks a big yard, it is just across the street from Safeway, AND it is ground level.  Did I mention it is only $83k?  Drawbacks you ask?  Well there's a couple.  First of all, there's a plumbing leak, and there's evidence of it scattered throughout the unit.  Secondly, whomever owned this before obviously didn't have a nose.  It reeks of animal pee, almost to the point where I'm sure neighbors complained.  Budget for carpet (why it is still in there is beyond me) and trim repair or replacement as well as the plumbing repair.   Pics start right here:  By the way, cheapest sold in here in the last year = $93,000.  Just sayin'....

427 Atacamite Ct, Loveland: $144,000. 2 bed, 1 bath, 1008 sq ft over full unfinished, 2 car attached, 2000, $100 Down with $935 repair escrow for furnace and flooring.  PRO TIP: Don't spray paint your driveway.  I like the location of this lil' Loveland ranch insofar as Anderson Farm is concerned, and it isn't in terrible shape (with the exception of the carpet).  The fenced yard adds to the appeal, as do the kids in the middle of Atacamite Ct hawking 'Leminade'.   Pics start right here:  Owner occupant bids due 8-1-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.  Bonus PRO TIP: Don't plant evergreens inches from your foundation.

2305 Alpine Ave, Greeley: $89,000. 5 bed, 2 bath, 1040 sq ft over full finished, 1996, 1 car attached, $100 Down with $990 repair escrow for plumbing, exposed wiring and mold in basement.  This East Greeley ranch is listed as a 3 bed, 1 bath, and I believe that full finished basement may have been used as a second unit. Indeed, there appears to have been a full kitchen at one point (much of it is ripped out, but the counter and lower cabinets remain) and the entrance to the basement from the main floor locks, leaving a separate entrance from the garage to the basement.  The main level has been tagged (and painted over) extensively, and several walls look they starred in a Jackass movie.   Pics start right here:  Owner occupant bids due 8-1-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.

4010 Eagles Nest Dr, Evans: $110,000. 5 bed, 2 bath, 1040 sq ft over full mostly finished, 2000, 2 car attached, $100 Down with $550 repair escrow for roof shingles.  I was in and out of this Hunter's Reserve ranch, but I can tell you the basement is tiled throughout (as is the living room) and it isn't in terrible shape. Pics start right here:  Owner occupant bids due 8-1-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.

2828 40th Ave Ct, Greelely: $118,000. 3 bed, 2 bath, 1052 sq ft over full unfinished, 2004, $100 down, no repair escrow.  This Gateway Lakes ranch is in awesome shape with two exceptions: The trim needs to be repainted (it's faded but not peeling) and there's a really corny fence gate in lieu of a proper baby gate atop the basement stairs.  It sort of makes you want to grill a hot dog next to it, but I digress.  This is perhaps the cheapest house I've seen in this subdivision, and condition-wise it holds up against many other higher priced homes and comps.  Check this one out if you're looking in West Greeley but act quickly.    Pics start right here:  Owner occupant bids due 8-1-2010, investors daily thereafter if available. 

813 2nd St, Windsor: $120,000.  2 bed, 2.5 bath, 1241 sq ft, 2000, 2 car attached, $100 Down with $550 repair escrow for plumbing repair.  This two-story townhouse is in great shape, with the chocolate-colored carpet throughout much of the unit in great shape.  Strangely, it does have a repair escrow for plumbing repair which is also the case with this week's little condo on Wheaton.  But unlike Wheaton, this one has an attached garage, nobody above the unit, and it backs to a large field with a private patio.    Pics start right here:  Owner occupant bids due 8-1-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.

400 30th Ave, Greeley: $118,000. 5 bed, 3 bath, 1310 sq ft over 1310 mostly finished, 2002, 2 car attached, $100 Down NO Repair escrow.  This one was a pleasant surprise, and listed as a 3 bed, 2 bath (obviously the finished basement hides a couple more bedrooms, a full bath and two living areas).  The remarks read "Subject sides to C Street which has a busy traffic pattern."  I don't know about you, but C Street and 30th Avenue wouldn't be my first choice for killer location, but the house is pretty nice and the traffic noise certainly wasn't an issue when I was in the house.  Watch the video and listen for traffic noise.  Exactly. I'd check this one out if you're looking for a bunch of bedrooms, fenced yard and a 2 car garage. Owner occupant bids due 8-1-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.

817 35th Ave, Greeley: $89,000. 4 bed, 2 bath, 1280 sq ft over partial finished basment, 1956, 2 car detached, $100 down with $1925 repair escrow for furnace, plumbing, shingles, wiring.  Sorry folks, I was in and out of this one so it gets no love.  I can tell you the main level is a 2 bed, 1 bath (which is what it is listed as).  It's location on 35th will seriously limit its appeal, even with the "tandem 4 car garage" (per old listings).  Owner occupant bids due 8-1-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.

333 23rd Ave Ct, Greeley: $70,000. 3 bed, 1.5 bath, 1092 sq ft, 1997, $100 Down with $3135 repair escrow for plumbing, splash blocks (!) and flooring.  A mere block from 23rd Ave, this is actually in a very quiet neighborhood and features a fenced yard with parking (and a huge gate) for an RV or boat.  The house is essentially split in half - the left side (as you walk in) is one big open living room/kitchen and the right side has all of the bedrooms, the full bath and the laundry (which has a toilet just kind of sitting there). Owner occupant bids due 8-1-2010, investors daily thereafter if available.

Price Reductions

2009 Falcon Ridge Dr, Fort Collins: $208,000. 2 bed, 2.5 baths, 1597 sq ft, 2002, $100 DOWN with $770 repair escrow.  That's no typo - this is a two bedroom.  Sure there's a large loft area (huge even) but this 2 story is set up with a massive master bedroom as the main focus.  The house is sharp inside and out, the only blemish being a funky fence line that wraps around a nearby drainage pipe.  Looking in SE FTC?  Wanna get into something on the cheap but slightly more upscale than usual $200k finds? You'd better check this place out.  Pics start here:   Owner occupant bids due 7-27-2010!  Investors thereafter if available.

1952 29th Ave #3, Greeley: $75,200. 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1696 sq ft over partial finished bsmt, 2 car attached, 1977, $100 down with $275 repair escrow.  Here's a different one.  The most shocking thing about this place is that yours truly had no idea this little subdivision even existed.  It consists solely of identical townhouse/duplexes that have well maintained gray exteriors.  The interior?  Well, it needs some love.  Carpets are trashed and if the exterior looks like 1999, the interior definitely feels more like the 1977 build it is.  The master is awesome though and has its own fireplace.  This place also has a fenced yard and the oversized 2 car garage (with 2 separate doors).  Might be worth a look see. I do have a video of this joint but am having issues getting it uploaded for some reason.  Pics start here:  Owner occupant bids due 7-27-2010, investors thereafter if available.

1621 Marilyn Ct, Loveland: $128,800. 3 bed, 2 (1!) bath, 1978, 1884 sq ft, 2 car attached.  This bi-level is literally missing the upstairs bathroom (it's an empty room) and the amount of work it needs didn't make sense with the original list price of $161,000.  But here we are, $32,000 later, and investors and handy-persons take note. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.  Owner Occupant bids due 7-13-2010, investors thereafter if available.

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