Monday, June 28, 2010

6-25-2010: One New One

Hey everybody!  Yes there was only one new property this week, so I'm including a quick rundown of all our available FTC FNMA inventory (and maybe an up and coming property or two).  Enjoy this week's diversion, and of course....

click for pics of all the properties! 

207 21st Ave Pl, Greeley: $44,000. 2 bed, 1 bath, 850 sq ft, 1979, 1 car attached, FHA insured with $1210 repair escrow, $100 down.  It may not be the biggest house around (it may even be the smallest property on the blog this week) but it's a pretty decent buy.  Nice fenced yard with remnants of landscaping scattered here and there, a larger-than-average master and a somewhat intact kitchen belie the insanely low price.  If you're in the market for something sub-$50k I would definitely hit this one up.

2818 W 11th ST RD, Greeley: $76,500. 5 bed, 2 bath, 1067 sq ft over full mostly finished, one car attached, fully insured, $100.  It may be fully insured, but it needs a roof, has mold in the basement and otherwise needs to be fully rehabbed.  Offset by a fenced yard and a low, low price.  Click here for more info or a showing.

1406 25th Avenue CT, Greeley: $114,000. 4 bed, 2 bath, 2220 sq ft, 1963, one car detached, $100 Down with $4400 repair escrow.  This week's sole new listing is a conundrum.  It's a bi-level with a detached garage and a MASSIVE yard and it sits in a beautiful and stable neighborhood.  And yes the house is technically intact, but the kitchen is in the lower level.  Is that a problem?  Well no, but it's just kind of....weird.  In the upper level in lieu of the kitchen is a long, pointless room that sits adjacent to the living room (and is elevated a couple of steps for some reason), and the rest of the house shows signs of the previous owners' rehab aspirations.  They never happened.  So what's left is a upper level bathroom with nice tile work and a PVC-and-nasty-piece-of-wood shower curtain rod, no sink (!) and a pointlessly small linen closet.  There's a lot of potential here, just be aware that most people prefer their kitchens next to the living room.  You know?   Pics start here:   Click here for more info or a showing.

Price Reductions

312 9th St, Greeley: $40,500. 2 bed, 1 bath, 1016 sq ft, 1946, NOW UNINSURED.  This visually appealing home has a massive, long lot that appears to have had a structure on it at some point, and the vinyl siding on the house is in great shape.  It sits right behind Big R and is actually a pretty decent buy.  UPDATE: While its surface condition hasn't changed, it comes back on the market without the FHA option, and a laundry list of repair notes, chiefly electrical, plumbing, heating.  And oh yeah, it sits in a 100 year flood plain. Still no pics, no video. Click here for more info or a showing.

2807 15th Ave Ct, Greeley: $82,350. 2 bed, 1 bath, 1008 sq ft over full unfinished, 1971, 1 car attached. This property has this week's honor of having the lousiest location.  It is right next to highway 34 - remarks HUD: "Subject backs to Highway 34 with traffic noise."  See, I told you. The house is clean and smells of new paint on the main floor; kitchen is fairly intact and the family room has a fireplace. The basement appears to have had two more bedrooms at one point and a full bathroom that has been mostly dismantled. This could make a decent investment property for somebody as a 4 bed, 2 bath, but beware the traffic noise yo.  Pics start here:  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

112 Oak Street, Windsor: $105,300. 2 bed, 2 bath, 1325 sq ft, 1909, $100 down with $1210 repair escrow for ceiling damage, plumbing, 'mold-like-substance' mitigation.  Yes, it's a good deal and there is quite a bit to love here, particularly that little sun room at the entrance.  Let me temper your exuberance for a second though.  It smells like mold and animal pee, and the layout is like Harry Potter's scar (insofar as it vaguely resembles a lightning bolt, NOT that it broadcasts pain at random, dramatic moments).  The master bedroom is fairly large and has the moldy 3/4 bathroom that must be dealt with.  The second bedroom is also reasonable size, and there are two living rooms.  It's homes like this that make me wonder, Just What Was Going On With the Floor?  If you'd like to try your hand at guessing, let me know.  The back yard of this place has 2 storage sheds, a couple of overgrown garden areas and a bundle of weeds. If you want an equity builder in old Windsor, here ya go.  Pics start here:   Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

1952 29th Ave #3, Greeley: $84600. 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1696 sq ft over partial finished bsmt, 2 car attached, 1977, $100 down with $275 repair escrow.  Here's a different one.  The most shocking thing about this place is that yours truly had no idea this little subdivision even existed.  It consists solely of identical townhouse/duplexes that have well maintained gray exteriors.  The interior?  Well, it needs some love.  Carpets are trashed and if the exterior looks like 1999, the interior definitely feels more like the 1977 build it is.  The master is awesome though and has its own fireplace.  This place also has a fenced yard and the oversized 2 car garage (with 2 separate doors).  Might be worth a look see. I do have a video of this joint but am having issues getting it uploaded for some reason.  Pics start here:   Click here for more info, pics or a showing.


2507 Timber Ct, Fort Collins: $156,500. 3 (or 4) bed, 2 bath, 2064 finished sq ft, 1973, converted 1 car garage.  This tri-level is just west of the Campus West area and nicely defines fixer upper.  The garage was unwisely converted to living space and it needs a roof.  Bad.  Call me and we'll throw an offer at 'em.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

1016 E Prospect, Fort Collins: $169,900.  4 bed, 2 bath, 1536 sq ft, 1971, 2 car attached.  The selling point for this house is the large, privately fenced backyard and the redwood deck.  It's location on Prospect = month and a half on the market.  Its condition is decent, especially considering the price.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

1900 Corriedale Dr, Fort Collins: $179,900.  4 bed, 2 bath, 1632 sq ft, 1972, 1 car attached.  This Brown Farm bi-level has had the new carpet and paint treatment from Fannie Mae and is now almost 2 months on the market.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing. 

2709 Rawahs Way, Fort Collins: $234,900. 3 bed, 3 bath, 1745 sq ft w/ 805 mostly finished basement, 1997, 2 car attached.  This attractive 2 story sits in Fairbrooke Heights and is a few blocks from Bauder Elementary.  This one has also benefited from FNMA's carpet and paint treatment and is in move-in condition.  Worth checking out if you are in this price range.  

4726 Dusty Sage Loop #2, Fort Collins: $299,900. 1 bed, 2 bath, 1679 over 1565 sq ft unfinished bsmt, 2004, 2 car garage.  This is an amazing townhome overlooking the beautiful Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area.  Anybody who has looked at or priced these townhomes will know this is an amazing deal.  The walkout basement leads directly to trails, the vaulted ceilings go on and on, beautiful open floor plan, and its condition is basically perfect.
Click here for more info, pics or a showing. 

Upcoming: Fort Collins 2 bed, 1 bath, 800 sq ft, bungalow.  Close to New Belgium!  Buy it now for $125k, or wait for it to get rehabbed, pick your finishes and hammer out a price!  Maybe not in that order.  Give me a call for more details....

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