Sunday, March 14, 2010

3-12-2010: Insured Edition

Why is it the insured edition?  Simply because we have 15 new, relisted and reduced properties and with the notable exception of three of them they are all FHA insured, meaning $100 Down (if you want to roll that way).  Fancy an uninsured trailer?  We have that too.  How 'bout two houses for $11,000?  Yes BOTH for $11,000.  We have that too.  Check 'em out in...

click for pics of all the properties!

Relist: 160-166 N 1st Ave, Greeley: $11,000.  Two houses.  Back on the market and reduced by almost HALF.  The HUD line: "Mold like substance present, take appropriate action. Kitchen must be removed from accessory unit. Furnaces, plumbing & electrical are not in working condition. Roof, siding, walls, soffit, fascia, gutter system & window trim need repairs. Property has well & septic systems. It is located on 1st Ave, a busy traffic street."  For what it's worth, that part of 1st Avenue isn't really that busy, but that should be the least of one's worries when considering this place.  Srsly.  Owner occupant bids due Tuesday, March 16th.

Relist: 1122 E 24TH St Ln, Greeley: $64,000.  3 bed, 1 bath, 1270 sq ft, 2002.  You may be wondering how in the world an 8 year old house can sell for $64,000.  You've obviously never read my HUD Report before.  This is a good example of a bi-level design where the lower level is consumed mostly by the garage and utility area.  The upper level isn't terrible, and the house is actually fairly intact save the $220 repair escrow meant for repairing the front door jamb.  The temporary repair involved building a makeshift door out of plywood.  Attractive.  Bids on this one are due Tuesday night, 3/16/10 so act quickly.   Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

4210 Olympic Dr, Greeley: $30,000. 3 bed, 1.75 bath, 1344 sq ft, 1980, UNINSURED.  It's a trailer in Hill-N-Park. Bids due 3-21-2010.  So, 4210 Olympic Drive or an 85" TV?

2268 11th ST SW, Loveland: $160,000. 3 bed, 2 bath, 1182 over unfinished basement, 1995, $100 Down fully FHA insured.  Honestly, I was in and out of this place but I can tell you it is in great shape but needs carpet (or a rigorous cleaning).  It sits on the corner of Dotsero and 11th ST SW and has a fenced yard and 2 car garage.  Sharp house, decent price. Bids due 3-21-2010. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

806 5th ST, Kersey: $120,000. 3 bed, 2 bath, 1367 sq ft, 1999.  I'm actually surprised this one is fully FHA insured as it is fairly beat up.  It isn't terrible but then again it isn't awesome. Bids due 3-21-2010.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

5130 W 16th St, Greeley: $160,000.  4 bed, 3 bath, 1131 sq ft over full mostly finished basement, 1999, $100 DOWN with $550 repair escrow.  This west Greeley ranch is some tile and paint away from being a really nice pad.  The main level has 3 beds and 2 baths, the basement has another legitimate bedroom and 2 non-conforming (neither have proper closets or windows of any kind).
Location rocks on this one, and it also has a fenced yard and attached 2 car garage. Bids due 3-21-2010. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

807 Ptarmigan Pl, Loveland: $160,000. 3 bed, 2 bath, 1508 sq ft, 1994, $100 Down, fully insured.  This one has a great location very close to Horseshoe Lake, and is in great shape EXCEPT for the carpet, which is covered with pet stains.  Yes, those kinds of stains.  In fact, the house smells pretty bad, but get over that fact and you'll see this is probably the best deal this week.  Fenced yard with dog run and kennel (which the previous owners obviously never used), 2 car attached garage, sprinkler system, cul-de-sac end location.

321 E 28th St Dr, Greeley: $91,000. 3 bed, 1 bath, 1054 sq ft, 2005, $100 down, fully insured.  Our pile of Riverview Farm continues to grow, with this week's installment being a similar ranch over unfinished basement. Bids due 3-21-2010. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

  2614 Park View Dr, Evans: $120,000. 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1420 sq ft over unfinished basement, 2002, $100 Down with $880 repair escrow.  This 2 story is missing lighting fixtures throughout the house and has a plumbing leak, but honestly the worst part is the blue carpet.  Get past that and you're groovy.  Great, fully fenced back yard on this one, hampered only by the arbitrary (and stupid) placement of some saplings and a bush.  Seriously, why? 

All in all, I would check this one out if you're in the price range.  Bids due 3-21-2010. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

4015 Glenarbor Lane, Fort Colllins: $128,500. 3 bed, 2 bath, 1116 sq ft, 2002, $100 down with $1100 repair escrow.  Here ya go - the cheapest 3 bedroom house in Fort Collins that isn't a complete dump, or a trailer, or a dumpy trailer.  If you're willing to put up with a bit of noise from 25 (and the neighboring dogs) this house is a smoking deal.  The dog-less neighbors next door were actually moving in.  I didn't want to ruin their day by telling them the house they just bought for $155,000 is nearly identical to the neighboring HUD house.

Bids due 3-21-2010. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

1010 E 25th ST LN, Greeley: $87,500. 4 bed, 2 bath, 1058 over full, partially finished basement, $100 down, fully FHA insured.  This East Meadows ranch is filthy, but simple carpet and paint will do the trick. It is listed as a 3 bed, 1 bath since the basement conceals the other bed and full bath.  It is topped off by a 2 car garage and fenced yard.  Bids due 3-21-2010.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

  6827 Autumn Ridge D2, Fort Collins: $110,000. 2 bed, 1.5 bath, 1072 sq ft, 2003, $100 down, fully FHA insured.  Over the last couple of years we've had several similar Provincetowne properties, and they have all sold for thousands over the asking price.  This should be no exception - it is nearly move-in condition and is priced well below the comps.  The last 2 bed, 2 bath that sold on Autumn Ridge went for $125k.
Bids due 3-21-2010.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.  Looking in Fort Collins for a town house?  Don't miss this one.  But if you do....

6827 Autumn Ridge D4, Fort Collins: $?????.  3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2003, probably $100 down, fully insured.  This unit is sure to hit the market soon and is in exceptionally nice condition.  In fact the carpet appears to be brand, spanking new.
The layout on this one is a bit different than d2, with smaller bedrooms (but more of them) and an extra bathroom.   

You're not going to go wrong with either one, but give me a call and be first in line if you're into this 3 bed, 3 bath townhouse.   Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

Price Reductions

521 E 24th ST RD, Greeley: $73,800.  3 bed, 1 bath, 936 sq ft, 1999, $100 Down with $1045 repair escrow. Haven't mentioned this one before.  It's a little dirty ranch with dirty green carpet and a damn dirty ape.  Er, one car garage. Owner occupant bids due Tuesday, March 16th.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

2910 W 12th St, Greeley: $92,700.  4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1080 sq ft over a full 75% finished bsmt with a 1 car attached garage, and a HOT TUB!!, 1961, insured with $2310 escrow, $100 Down.  Typically, hot tubs and foreclosures go together like spaghetti and hair.  However, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the hot tub in this property is probably the nicest thing about it.  Indeed, it has a permanent structure purpose built for it (and a big concrete slab underneath) and the hot tub room smells like you'd hope it would, i.e. a bit of chlorine and sauna-like wood smell.  As for the house, here's the pics:  And the video:  
And just as a reminder, move fast - owner occupant bids due Tuesday, March 16th. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

208 E Park Ave, Pierce: $56,000. 3 bed, 2 bath,1716 sq ft, 1998.  This is an uninsured manufactured home that HUD states "is located within 100 year floodplain, flood insurance is required. Roof replacement needed. The decks have deteriorated & warped boards. Exterior paint is deteriorated, scraping & new paint needed."  What's that about scraping?   Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

That's going to do it once again.  Drop me a line if you'd like to check any of these out or if you have any questions on HUDs or real estate in general. Most of the HUDs are remarkable deals, and combined with the $100 incentive they are literally the best deals around.  As always, you can go to my website and search the entire state's HUD inventory.  Comments, questions and showings please send an email or call me at 970-988-5634.  Have a great week! Crip