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Hey folks! Perhaps you've wondered where the Blog went. Well, thanks to Google's overzealous robots it was basically erased. I've tried to get it back, unsuccessfully, since the premiere of Avatar. It obviously hasn't happened so I'm starting it from scratch. If it happens again GOODBYE BLOGGER.

As a way to familiarize everyone with what happens here, this is a blog, my name is Crip, and I take care of our HUD listings here in Northern Colorado. I get the lists first, I get out to the properties shortly thereafter, and I field tons of calls on the HUD properties. I also try to sell as many of them as I can, and I personally know of nobody around these parts that sells as many as I do. In short, you may call me your HUD expert.

The last few weeks (Christmas and New Year's included) have seen a relative shortage of compelling HUDs, so I figured I would take this opportunity to write up EVERY SINGLE ACTIVE HUD IN NORTHERN COLORADO.  Enjoy the...


1. 507 17th St, Greeley: $27,000. 2 beds, 2 bath, 520 sq ft (!), 1948. Little, yellow, different. It is fairly intact but has a bit of mold growing in the NE bedroom. The living room floor kinda feels like they put the laminate flooring over existing carpet, and you can run from the front door to the back deck in .3 seconds. The detached garage is made of cement block and is about as big as the house, perhaps larger. Did I mention this place is small? Video:
Bids are due Tuesday 1/19/2010. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
2. 61515 4th St, Carr: $37,800. 4 bed, 2 bath, 1379 sq ft, 1999. This manufactured home in Carr obstinately persists in our inventory. I recall saying something insanely clever about the neighborhood once upon a time, but I can't recall what it was. Damn you Google. Damn you.  It has a nice garage.
Now I'm done. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
3. 1117 4th St, Greeley: $34,200. 4 bed, 1 bath, 1105 sq ft over 756 sq ft mostly finished basement. Just reduced.  This is the little joint that has foundation issues in the SE corner. You may call it a daylight basement as you can see daylight through the foundation.
Anyone brave enough to take this thing on will do pretty well though. Video:

Bids are due Tuesday 1/19/2010. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
4. 127 N 25th Ave, Greeley: $42,500. 3 bed, 1 bath, 912 sq ft, 1963. Perhaps HUD has their reasons, but this one is listed as a 2 bedroom. I can assure you there's three.
They're kind of small, but there's three nonetheless. The converted garage is a bummer (it's pointless)
and they suggest roof and electrical inspections. It also keeps coming back on the market, so approach this one with caution. Or delight, whichever better fits your demeanor.

Bids are due Tuesday 1/19/2010.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
5. 208 E Park Ave, Pierce: $64,000. 3 bed, 2 bath,1716 sq ft, 1998.  This is an uninsured manufactured home that HUD states "is located within 100 year floodplain, flood insurance is required. Roof replacement needed. The decks have deteriorated & warped boards. Exterior paint is deteriorated, scraping & new paint needed."  What's that about scraping?  Open to all bidders. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
6. 1122 E 24TH St Ln, Greeley: $64,000.  3 bed, 1 bath, 1270 sq ft, 2002.  You may be wondering how in the world an 8 year old house can sell for $64,000.  You've obviously never read my HUD Report before.  This is a good example of a bi-level design where the lower level is consumed mostly by the garage and utility area.  The upper level isn't terrible, and the house is actually fairly intact save the $220 repair escrow meant for repairing the front door jamb.  The temporary repair involved building a makeshift door out of plywood.  Attractive.  Bids on this one are due Sunday night, 1/17/10 so act quickly.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
7. 37266 WCR 65, Galeton: $66,000.  3 bed, 2 bath, 1623 over full basement w/ some finish, 2001.  First: "Manufactured home connected to a shared well. Appraiser recommends a survey of the septic tank to determine if it is buried deep enough and if it meets lot line requirements. Foundation inspection recommended due to moisture in the basement- may include replacement of gutters and regrading. Plumbing and heating systems are inoperable. Buyer must obtain permit and correct county code violations: shingles coming off roof, deck is unsafe, mold-like substance in basement, and loose electrical receptacles."  Need I say more?  By the way, the gentleman that supposedly shares the well doesn't much care to share it.  He's also given me a bunch of other invaluable info.  My advice?  Unless you want to pay cash to buy something that needs major work out in the middle of nowhere (and yet be somewhat close to your neighbors), I'd pass.  And yes I've been in this one.  Open to all bidders. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
8. 2307 Apple Ave, Greeley: $79,000.  3 bed, 2 bath, 1600 sq ft, 1996.  This East Greeley bi-level is in need of a bit of love (and an air freshener or two) and the previous sure did like their ceiling fans (there's 3 in the lower family room).  On paper it has it all though: 2 car garage, fenced yard, the right # of beds and baths and the right price.  Open to all bidders. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
9. 31322 4th St, Gill: $84,000.  3 bed, 2 bath, 1432 sq ft, 1997.  This one has been around since July when we first listed it for $120k.
I still think it's an awesome house for the money (but it is in Gill).  It's in great shape, has a decent master suite and sits on a large lot with a septic system (and a buried whale).
  Open to all bidders.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
10. 2907 11th St Rd, Greeley: $88,000.  5 bed, 2 bath, 1080 sq ft over full mostly finished basement, 1959.  This brick ranch features some wood floors, a fenced yard and of course 5 bedrooms.  It's listed as a 2 bed, 1 bath which is one of the reasons it is still on the market.  The other is the lack of a garage.  If that isn't a big deal to you, check this one out asap.  Bids are due Tuesday 1/19/2010.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
11. 4329 Lake Mead Dr, Greeley: $90,000.  3 bed, 1 bath, 1080 sq ft over full unfinished.  Yes I have it listed as a 1 bath but there is a separate operational toilet in the basement, and by that I mean just a toilet all by itself - no walls, not even a magazine to keep you company.  This Hill-N-Park ranch presents with some common HUD home quirks: Bright orange bedroom, nasty carpets, completely trashed insulation in the basement, and you'll certainly play a game of "Which one's the master?"  My last showing of this house elicited laughter.  C'mon, I don't set the prices folks!  And I should point out that this one will likely get reduced next week.  Currently open to all bidders. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
12. 705 Collins Ave, Eaton: $99,000.  3 bed, 2 bath, 1266 sq ft, 1958.  This brick ranch sits in the geographical heart and center of Eaton, which is right on the main drag.  For you Fort Collins folks, think east east east Harmony.  This one has an amazing view from the front door as it overlooks some fields,
producing some dazzling sunsets.  It doesn't have much of a back yard and is fairly dated,
but I would still check this one out if you're looking in Eaton.  Open to all bidders.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
13. 310 Main St, Briggsdale: $103,000.  4 bed, 2 bath, 2280 sq ft, 2002.  Our sole new listing this week is this MASSIVE modular home right in Briggsdale proper.  HUD calls it a manufactured home, but it doesn't appear to be one to me.  It sits on just over a quarter acre and, in a rare turn of events, is completely FHA insured, meaning this one will go $100 down.  Bids due Sunday, 1/24/2010.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
14. 1220 Eilene Pl, Loveland: $117,000.  4 bed, 2 bath, 1515 sq ft, 1978.  Here's a great example of a fixer-upper in Loveland.  Just about every fixture would need to be fixed, every floor would have to be refloored, every wall would need to be, er, rewalled.  You get the idea. 

Wait - you don't?  Scope the video:

Also, HUD writes: City of Loveland requires the electrical meter box be replaced by licensed electrician with permit from city.The plumbing system is also noted as having a leak.  So why does it keep going under contract?  First scope the price, then check out the comps.  And the location on this one is fairly solid.  Bids are due Sunday 1/19/2010. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
15. 4020 Glenarbor Ln, Fort Collins: $130,500. 3 bed, 2 bath, 1446 sq ft, 2002.  This would be a 2-story KB-built home in Waterglen.  Water is kind of a running theme with this house, as I'm going to guess there was water damage throughout the home at some point in time.  Heard anyone calling it move-in ready?  I'd be wary.  The texture is bubbly and crumbling throughout.  HUD has also flagged the plumbing and furnace.  But if you're chomping at the bit (or don't mind some work) gimme a call. 
I'd advise a mold test, too.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
16. 915 S Tyler Ave, Loveland: $131,200.  5 bed, 2 bath, 1990 finished sq ft, 1966.   This colorful south Loveland brick ranch is in dire need of cosmetic surgery and a kitchen update.  It has a fireplace, a couple of living rooms, a huge built-in desk in one of the bedrooms, a big fenced yard and a 1 car garage.  This would be perfect for an owner occupant looking to cash in on not only the $100 down incentive but the tax rebate as well.  Open to all bidders. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
17. 4240 S Laurel, Evans: $140,000. 4 bed, 3 bath, 2236 finished sq ft, 2002.  This is a stunning example of a HUD house in ALMOST move-in condition.  It has an attached two car garage, and the wood floors are sharp, if not noisy.

As far as issues, HUD states the kitchen sink and plumbing needs to be replaced, and there's one hole in the wall near the main floor bathroom.  Act fast - bids are due this Sunday, 1/15/2010. Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
18. 16398 WCR 86, Ault: $148,000.  4 bed, 2 bath, 2072 sq ft, 1999.  The main dwelling for this house is a manufactured home HUD has declared uninsured.  Of course, whomever lost the house had an FHA loan on it, so we can safely assume there's a way to finance the place.  There's a secondary, and probably original, house on the property that is cinder-block built with 2 beds and a 3/4 bath (and a beat-up kitchen).
  The garage is the wild card in all of this - it is basically a 3 car garage with an attached shop AND an attached loafing shed.  If you want a little bit of land (3.5 acres)
and plenty of options, check this one out.

It is located just west of 85, north of Ault about a minute.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.
19. 2229 Durango Dr, Loveland: $178,000.  2 bed, 3 bath, 1576, 1986.  Interesting joint this one.  On the one hand, it is very clean and intact throughout, if not very, very orange.  It has a nice deck with a hot tub, a river rock hearth,
a decent-sized kitchen
and a great location.  On the other hand, it is merely a 2 bedroom, and because of the tri-level layout I'm not sure how you'd squish in another bedroom.  Don't need three bedrooms?  Check this one out. Click here for more info, pics or a showing. 
20. 4785 Sunvalley Dr, Loveland: $178,000.  5 bed, 3 bath, 1144 sq ft over 1144 mostly finished.  This Windsong N Loveland ranch is likely to get a price reduction.  Yes there's a lot to like here, but a lack of carpet on the main floor
and a wonky master suite layout ain't doing it any favors.  The basement hides 2 bedrooms and a bath (it is of course listed as a 3 bed, 2 bath), the washer and dryer are STILL THERE and there's a two car attached garage.  Pick this one up if you don't mind moving in and doing some fix-up along the way.  Investors will likely hold off until the price reduction.  Click here for more info, pics or a showing.

    That's all the stuff we have! I have many more pictures of each property, but thanks to the ROBOTS I'm a bit gun shy about linking them. Thanks for reading, and like the last incarnation of The HUD Report, I look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to leave or email comments it is always a work in progress.  If you'd like to receive these automatically let me know and I can set you up on an auto-search for any HUDs, REOs or just your dream house in general.  You can also check out my website and actively search all of the current HUD properties.   Or you can set yourself up for Dream Home search by going to  Have a great week!  Crip